Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Millinerd Strikes Back

I hate to pirate yet another fellow blogger's awesome video post, but especially for all those disheartened by the nihilistic tirade from Nebraska concerning doctoral work in the Humanities, here's something to renew your spirits. Matthew Milliner, a Ph.D student in Art History at Princeton, a brilliant blogger and writer on all things theological and aesthetical, and a long-time mentor and friend, has created the following video to strike back against cynicism and promote academic study in the contemplative tradition of the cathedral schools of old. Maybe this is God's sick way of disillusioning me of my former notion of God's sick way of coaxing me in my vocational discernment and thus utterly confusing me - or maybe it's just classic Millinerd! Watch, and then please patronize his blog, www.millinerd.com:


  1. Haha, nice to see the other side! I was feeling the stress of the other videos as well...

  2. Thanks for sharing this one too. I love the twist at the end.

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