Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vocational Discernment...

Perhaps this is God's sick way of affirming my sense of call to ordained ministry rather than pursuing an academic career in theology and literature. Thanks to the Rev. Nate Lee for passing this along:


  1. This video was awesome Matthew! Who ever wrote it did a great job with the script. There are some great lines in there, and I'm glad that it helped you more with your vocational call...then again, I'm sure someone could say many of the same things about a pastoral role...55 plus hours a week, committee meeting after committee meeting, not making very much money, being sent out to the middle of nowhere, having to justify why you need to be paid what you do and having people tell you that you can live on less.....

  2. Sad, but so true...sigh

  3. All of a sudden, I don't feel that great about living the life of the mind. Should have learned a trade, something like carpentry.