Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Travelogue - 11.19.10

Once more, the family is on the move, this time up to Blacksburg, Virginia this weekend to visit my wife's cousin, her venerable professor-to-be husband, and our beautiful godson. Between travels and the encroaching shadow of final papers and exams (Bultmann, Augustine, Johann Gerhard, liturgical theology, parish administration, and the "Return to Allegory" movement, get ready to do battle!), I'm not sure this weekend will yield many posts. But luckily, I completely forgot to fill out last Friday's Travelogue, so here's two weeks worth of activity, in case you too have been busy living real life away from these electronic waters.

Two weekends ago, I recommended Erik Poppe's "mass for doubters," the film Troubled Water, (which is still available on Netflix instant view, btw) as well as the poetry of Charles Wesley, most notably his meditations on the communion of saints, just in time for the commemoration of All Saints Day. After a brief conspiracy theory about the aspirations towards world domination of computers (yes, really), I returned to the arts in confessing my jealousy of Rob Bell's creative freedom while attempting to articulate the practice of ministry as a kind of pastoral poetry.

Turning into a more political-activist channel, I explored the essential connection of righteousness with justice through the work of Word Made Flesh's Christopher Heuertz, and celebrated the release of Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest. I proclaimed the church's role in being signs of the ultimate "end" of the world, as well as living stones in a temple "made to last" in last Sunday's sermon at Cedar Grove, and held up one of these stones in particular, DJ TA, aka Zarafunkstra, in promoting his Tuesday radio program. Political reflections took a strange twist when I offered an alternative take on the scandal of particularity in reviewing Peter Leithart's Defending Constantine, and I closed out the week with a meta-blogging meditation on the Idol of Being Interesting.

May your weekend bring you wonder, and your travels give you joy. Thanks for reading, and for being companions on the journey. Grace and peace.

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  1. I sure hope you're getting extra credit in your classes for being such a dedicated blogger.

    Can't WAIT to see y'all!