Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thus Spake Zarafunkstra, aka DJ TA

After a busy weekend and with final papers and holiday travels looming on the horizon, I'm turning down the volume on the blog-age to play a little tune called responsibility in the key of sanity. In the meantime, I'd like to give a shout out to my former class- and band-mate, Tyler Atkinson, whose radio show, "TA's American Schindig," airing at 1PM this afternoon, all the way from across the pond at the University of Aberdeen. TA, a member of the mandolin pantheon, is returning the favor of the British Invasion with a Bluegrass Counter-Insurgency of his own. His show features a variety of Americana, jam band, bluegrass and folk music, as well as commentary that could only flow from the soul of someone willing to turn Karl Barth's "Strange New World" into a new-grass jam. In his own words:

"Once again, DJ TA is invading your earholes with kickass vibes and scintillating commentary. Unlike the work of the tradents of the Pentateuch, today's show would not be characterized as being compiled and arranged with a "high level of intentionality." It is not "composite art," to use Alter's phrase. No, today is a hodgepodge. Listening to today's show is like the Chaoskampf in the Priestly creation account. It is seeking order in the midst of the mess. Or, it is finding a lazy DJ who has no extra money to purchase new music and is just throwing shit together. However you want to read it. But rest assured, your asses will be sending vibrations into your desk chairs and causing your co-workers to inquire about the funktastic vibrations emanating into your chair and out into the aura of your office. It is the gospel of Americana that causes your light to shine in the darkness. Let your light shine ever so brightly, my people.

Thus Spake Zarafunkstra.

p.s. I am aware that the Chaoskampf theory has been losing steam in recent years in biblical scholarship, with reference to the Priestly creation account. However, we must respect the fact that those scholars most likely received an eschatological vision of DJ TA invading peoples ears and minds and afflicting them with bullets of love through chaotic playlists and incoherent ramblings. It's all about context folks."
(from an email this morning)

That's right, he really just said "afflicting them with bullets of love." Tune in here to join the riot and experience the event that is DJ TA.

(TA (center), myself (left) and the rest of the revolution that was and is "the Rockumentary Hypothesis" performing at Dude Stock 2010)

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