Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Travelogue - 11.05.10

It was a short week filled with longer posts. Following a weekend at Luther Bowl (I'm #34 on the left), I reflected with Peter Leithart on the Reformation's renewed focus on the priesthoood of all believers. Celebration was followed by lament, as I ruminated on being a "catholic in exile" in the midst of the rubble left by the Reformation's reverberations in history. I took a break from weighty things, sharing Matt Milliner's hopeful take on vocational discernment and promoting his blog, before turning to the heavy matter of body issues in culture and church, and concluding the week pondering the implications of research on genetic transmission for theology...and for my Starbucks habit! Thanks to all who continue to share in my journey or reading and writing. Have a blessed weekend, grace and peace.

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