Thursday, July 11, 2013

St. Paul and the Very Foolish Galatians - The Complete Sermon Series

This past Sunday, we at South Wedge Mission finished our six-week long trek through St. Paul's letter to the Galatians, following the revised common lectionary's given readings with some modifications.  I've included the complete six sermons below in case you missed one or are interested in checking them out.  Included Part 2 on Codependent Peter, which has languished in the editorial stack for weeks and finally sees the light of the blogosphere:)

Thanks for reading/listening/taking the Gospel back with you wherever you may go!

6/2 - Gal. 1.1-24 - "Story, Gospel, Art, Mission: Introducing St. Paul's Letter to the Galatians"

6/9 - Gal. 1.10-12, 2.1-16 - "Chameleons and Mockingjays: The Case of Codependent Peter"

6/16 - Gal 2.15-3.5 - "Justification...on a SPACESHIP! or St. Paul Comes to Call"

6/23 - Gal 3.5-29 - "Notes from Underground (Railroad), or, How Slaves Taught us Freedom from Inclusivity"

6/30 - Gal 5.1, 13-25 - "SARX WARS, or, How the Apocalypse Stole My Fruits"

7/2 - Gal 6.1-16 - "Magna Carta Holy Grail (of Christian Freedom), or, Reborn on the Fourth of July"

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