Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cross-Bloggination: Steampunk Theology, Gastropods and Grace

Howdy folks.  I've shared links to our Steampunk Theology project in the past, and wanted to give the link to my latest contribution.  For those who wonder what a steampunk is, in short, it's a kind of literary subgenre, based in the Victorian area (though encompassing much of the world at that time) that dabbles in re-imagining and re-visioning history as if steam technology, and not fossil fuels, maintained primacy.  Much of it is concerned with exploration, adventure, discovery and invention.  A few fellow nerds and I have decided to bring theology into the mix.

The past few posts have taken the form of a kind of dialogue between our steampunk alter-egos (the Magus, the Ecclesiast, and me, the Alpinist - alter-ego personae are also vital to steampunk).  We're trying to weave together various threads we've created in order to make an emerging overall story-arc, so if you're into this kind of thing, make sure and read the various links.  It's a work in progress, so we too are "discovering" the details and connections in the story as we unearth new documents and sources!

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