Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Transit

Faithful readers, many thanks for your patience. My family and I have been on the move constantly for the past two weeks. Having spent several days packing up, we left Columbia for Rochester, NY, only to discover our moving company neglected to pick up our trailer until just a few days ago. Having arrived, we were immediately off to Barker, NY to spend time at Leah's family camp, only to turn right around to come to Princeton for a conference with other "emergent" church leaders regarding the future of the Gospel. I hope to update more on the compelling conversations we've been having here. In the meantime, bear with us - I drive solo to Denver on Monday, to begin work with House for All Sinners and Saints and settle into our lives at Casa Karibu Sze-Ming in Denver's Cole Neighborhood. Some day we will be settled; for now, we remain pilgrims and sojourners - as we must for our entire lives! In the meantime, I HAVE been keeping up on "the facebook." Grace, peace and thanks to all!

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