Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easy Essay: On Inclusivity

Inclusivity - as the world conceives it -
is a form of eschatology.
It assumes that the world is moving
inevitably towards
the fulfillment of the liberal-progressive agenda.
Yet, inclusivity is not
universalism, because its god is not
universalistic, because its god is not
the Lord of Israel.
Rather, inclusivity
is exclusivistic and exclusionary -
those who do not embrace it fully
are cast into the outer darkness,
not just at the End,
but also in medias res.

Jesus Christ is universalistic
because he is catholic
in that he draws
and reconciles
all things to himself.
His death is for all people
His life is for all people
His truth is for all people
His way is for all people
because it is His way,
because it is His truth,
because it is His life.
Every single person who ever lived
is invited to partake
in Christ - this is an
exclusivist eschatology,
and this
is the inclusivity,
in the end,
inclusivists cannot include.

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