Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dispatches from the Other Side of Earth

After extending Christmas vacation into the realm of blogging for the sake of being present to my family and to my candidacy for ordained ministry in the ELCA (I received a positive endorsement decision this past week!), During the World will now be resumed from the opposite side of the world as my family and I visit my wife's mother's family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! While I plan to take advantage of every moment the next two weeks will afford to explore this strange new world outside the safety of our Western Christian bubble (Malaysia is officially a Muslim country, and is home to a staggering and inspiring mosaic of religious diversity among the disparate ethnicities and cultures which comprise its inhabitants), I do hope to reflect on my experiences via postings here. (Pending imminent jet-lag upon our return, I hope regular blogging will recommence with the onset of the Spring semester at LTSS).

Upon landing, Leah's step-dad, Chris, who was called here on business for the year, greeted us and took us for a ride on the "KLIA Ekspres," a high speed bullet train connecting the airport to the capitol.

Our first glimpse of KL, along with its world-famous Petronas Towers through the tropical haze and the blur of the swiftly passing countryside. Can't wait to discover all the city has to offer!

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