Thursday, October 21, 2010

Succinctitude, or, Ezra Klein on Blogging

Sean Larsen recently convinced me of the need to stay informed about the upcoming election and attendant political happenings, and in so doing turned me on to browsing various blogs. Ezra Klein had a fascinating reflection on the distinction between "blog posts" and "web articles," in which he concludes:
"Of these two, blogging is the more derided medium, but it's unquestionably superior for conveying information. You can give a reader much more on a blog than in an article. But for all that, I'm fiercely committed to articles, because they make sure I'm writing in a way that's accessible to people who don't read the blog -- which is, let's face it, the vast, vast majority of the world."

I just learned how to make block quotes, which shows you where I am at in terms of blogging savy. As this blog has shown, I tend to enjoy writing articles as opposed to "blog posts." However, for the sake of more frequent posting, I'm going to take more frequent stabs at posting, with the prayer that the patron saint of succintitude might take pity and offer up intercessory prayers on my behalf. Your prayers are welcome too, by the way.

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  1. Andrew Sullivan apparently liked this excerpt too, though he offers a more positive outlook on the future of blogging here: