Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Keep Awake".. (Intro to Theological Exegesis Caption Contest)

In the spirit of short blog posts, I am pleased to announce During the World's Theological Exegesis Caption Contest (TEC for now)! After viewing the following video, post your best stab at a short caption which offers your best stab at viewing this clip theologically - or, for you non-believers out there, how you think theologians should view it. Best caption will receive, I don't know, 10 TEC points, and I'll figure out a way to keep a running tab. Kind of like ESPN's Web Gems, except, you know, nerdier.

Regardless, say a prayer for these poor people in between your gasps of horrors or convulsions of laughter. With CPE starting tomorrow, maybe I will learn what to say to them when they end up in the ER:

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